Interview - Carl Noble

Carl Noble has been present at every Real Gothic game since we started. The other lads in the team call it "The Streak", and long may it continue. Here he answers our question on a career in black.



Still going strong: Carl has seen more Real Gothic games than anyone else


Hello Carl. How does it feel to be the only ever-present in the Real Gothic team?

It’s a fortunate position and I’m lucky to have been part of something like this so long, it really is a team in the truest sense of the word. Plus if you add up the time I’ve spent on the pitch over the years it must be almost a full game by now. ;)

What has sticks out in your mind most from the first couple of games?

How bloody dangerous it was! We take it all a bit more seriously now with team tactics and all that (not that you’d notice from the stands) but at the beginning it was two lots of out of shape guys having a half-hearted attempt at a kick about and a lot of us were awful. I think the first four games resulted in a hospitalisation and one retired our original Captain and founder of Real Gothic, Mike.

How many more matches do you think you have in you?

Well I’ve set the bar pretty low, so I shouldn’t have any problem maintaining this standard for a while. ;) The team has got better and more competitive and I do often think about bowing out as I’m not up to the quality of the team, but Goth football is ridiculous and it’s supposed to be. I love playing with the guys however poor I am. Plus I’m part of the furniture, kind of a player-mascot. I imagine I’ll play as long as we have a game at Whitby.

What’s been your most favourite game you’ve ever taken part in?

After all these years it’s hard to distinguish between some of them. The first time we won was something pretty special, especially given our early results.


Back in the day: a very early Real Gothic with a few familiar faces


You’ve seen a LOT of players come and go over the years, who have you enjoyed playing with the most?

Mike, Matt, Pablo and Adam are all good friends off the pitch, so it’s great to play with them, especially since I don’t see any of them as often as I’d like. Brian Kilcline has to get a mention too; a lousy player like me who couldn’t make a pub team doesn’t expect to share a changing room with the Captain of an FA Cup winning side.

Who is your all time footballing hero?                      

Gary Lineker. He is a large part of the reason I got into Spurs as kid and he’s done more for England than any other striker, the only English player to get the Golden Boot and more importantly he played the game as it should be played, honest and clean, never getting a booking in his career.

If you could sign one Goth icon to play in the side, who would it be?

Hmmm, probably Wayne Hussey, at least with him you know you’ve got someone deserving of the iconic status and who really likes his football. Plus he’d have a greater chance of getting something out of the season with Real Gothic.